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Economics and Data Science student. Obsessed about automation and data analytics.

The family office with a $50bn bet with wall street

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How to go from the world’s poorest to the world’s fastest-growing economies

Tables, Relationships, Diagrams…

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CREATE NewDatabase;USE ExistingDatabase;

Comparing two sklearn hyperparameter tuning tools…

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These simples techniques can save your project a lot of time from revisions and data loss

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Save copies of your dataset — especially if they are large, time-consuming imports.

import pandas as pdreally_large_file = pd.read_excel('largefile.xlsx')copy = really_large_file.copy()

The Only Model The Pandemic Hasn’t Broken?

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European vs. American Options

Visualising How Machine Learning Makes Decisions and Predictions.

Travel has stopped, and with it, Airbnb bookings. 68% of Airbnbs have zero bookings until August, and the average host has already lost €14K — Can Airbnb as we know it survive?

Here is a more intuitive way of understanding Python functions.

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What are functions?

y = f(x)
y = 2x + 1

Sometimes my code needs to be used by people that have never seen a command line. Here’s how to make their lives (and yours) easier.

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