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A Bayesian Approach to Difference-In-Differences

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When dealing with real-world data, it is extremely rare to find clean, isolated, and controlled lab-like datasets. We often find that the more classical statistical methods that we all learn, simply do not work — their assumptions are too unrealistic or rigid, and the dataset fails them in every possible…

How to go from the world’s poorest to the world’s fastest-growing economies

In the middle of the 1947 heat-wave, Seretse Khama, the Prince of Bechuanaland (colonial Botswana) and heir to the throne, met the English Lloyd’s clerk Ruth Williams at a London ball. The Prince was smitten — after only a year of courtship, the Prince and the English clerk got hitched…

The Only Model The Pandemic Hasn’t Broken?

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European vs. American Options

There are two types of vanilla financial options that are traded in the financial markets: American — where you can exercise the option any time until the exercise date — and European — where you have to wait until the exercise date to exercise the option.

The names “American” and…

Visualising How Machine Learning Makes Decisions and Predictions.

How can machine-learning algorithms understand complex relationships between variables that not even field experts sometimes fully understand? In my article, Machine Learning and Real State, I collected data from real state listings in Amsterdam to understand how rent prices are determined in this (very overpriced) city.

After all the transformations…

Travel has stopped, and with it, Airbnb bookings. 68% of Airbnbs have zero bookings until August, and the average host has already lost €14K — Can Airbnb as we know it survive?

Amsterdam has a troubled history with Airbnb. The city has been lacking affordable housing for years and also just housing, in general. The Dutch capital is tiny, constricted by water, and struggling with crippling building regulations. This drives up rental prices in the private market, which reaches on average two-thirds…

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